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    Tons of Quality

    Commodity Trading & Risk Management
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    Our Presence

    Frisco's activites are spread across the globe with primary
    conentration in India, GCC, Middle East Africa and South East Asia

About Company

Who we are

Our core business involves the trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including but not limited to base metals, scrap and raw materials, Energy, Minerals, Ores, Polymers and Chemicals. We are entrepreneurial by nature and possess a rigorous approach to risk, compliance, and financial prudence. Frisco also strategically partakes in investment management activities, with the objective of complementing our core trading business.

Our key strength is sourcing the right quality at the right price coupled with efficient supply chain management. We have a very strong team of traders who simultaneously close both sales leg and purchase leg, thereafter the deal is approved by management and passed on to the competent execution team which comprises of strong documentation people and logistics people who execute the transaction in line and spirit.

Frisco's activities are spread across the globe with primary concentration in India,
GCC, USA, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.
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